Most of us, and our pets, will need general anesthesia to allow for routine preventative care procedures, or for the treatment of illness, at some point in our lives.  It is essential that we be healthier after anesthesia than before, and the protocol you choose will heavily influence that outcome.  While some in the veterinary profession have led you to believe that we can cheaply anesthetize your pet, you should think twice about this.  The simple fact that your pet wakes up in no way implies safe anesthesia! 

Unfortunately, nothing about safe anesthesia is cheap, and consequently, nothing about cheap anesthesia is safe - one need only look at anesthesia in human medicine to understand this significance.  Anesthesia is the most important area of pet health care to research, understand, and invest in wisely.  Making the wrong choice always has consequences, which can occasionally be catastrophic.

At IVCC we understand this concern, and take it very seriously.  We use only the safest, most modern anesthetic protocols, with no short-cuts.  Our protocols are always complete, and we continuously invest in high quality training and equipment that enhance your pet’s safety and well being.

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Veterinary dentistry is so much more than just teeth cleaning.  Dentistry for your pet involves multiple, in-depth, and very complicated procedures, the most important of which is healthy, and safe, general anesthesia.  Dentistry performed inappropriately (e.g., anesthesia-free scaling, etc.), or not at all, will significantly, and negatively, impact your pet’s overall health.

At Interbay Veterinary Care Center, dentistry is performed exclusively by highly trained veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians.  Additionally, we provide only properly-performed, thorough and safe, veterinary dentistry, which is the singular protocol your pet would choose if given a choice.

Professional, safe, and effective anesthesia and dentistry require a significant amount of expertise, time, and specialized equipment, all of which are absolutely necessary to both maintain and enhance your pet’s health.  We invite you to read through our IVCC Dentistry Protocol to understand our approach and your pet’s experience when in our care.

A Dentist's Perspective

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At Interbay Veterinary Care Center, our hospitalized patients receive personalized, in-depth, modern medicine, in addition to individual love and attention.  Our hospital treatment area is available for patients having routine anesthetic procedures, while also being fully equipped to care for pets with severe illness.  Patient kennels are sanitized and heated, and bedding is changed multiple times a day.  Our patients requiring special care routinely receive intravenous therapy, oxygenation, medical treatment and surgery, in a clean facility with equipment that is new, modern, and of very high quality.  We fully understand the anxiety people feel when their pets are hospitalized.  And while we encourage our clients to visit their pets in the hospital, we also promise to provide regular, and thorough updates throughout the time your pet is with us.


SurgeryAll veterinarians are trained to perform surgery.  What is important is a modern surgical approach, gentle tissue handling, extremely safe anesthesia, excellent pain control, and the return of your pet in a healthier condition than when left with us.

Additionally, the compassionate and caring attention of our highly educated, trained, and licensed nursing team will reduce your pet’s anxiety and enhance their post-surgical healing process.

This is the promise we make to you, our client.  Whether surgery is to perform a spay or neuter, or to remove a cancerous tumor, we will make no compromises in your pet’s care - we refuse to cut corners to save time or money.  Our only goal is to provide your loved one with the best, and safest, veterinary health care.