IVCC is a full service veterinary care center and hospital.  Our medical team provides care to hospitalized patients 7 days a week.  Our veterinarians provide patient examinations by appointment, Tuesday through Saturday.

Appointment Times:
  Tues & Thur 9:30 - 4:00
  Sat   9:00 - 11:30

Pets may be dropped off for examination:
  After 9:30am Weekdays, and
  After 9:00am Saturdays

Wellness Exams

Wellness is about health, and health is at the core of who we are.  We believe that preventative care is the best way to maintain health and we strive to provide our clients with a deep understanding of how to keep their pets healthy.  In an effort to initiate a lifestyle of wellness, we offer a full hour-long initial appointment for healthy new patients.  Additionally, our existing patients enjoy a consistent focus on health during our routine 30 minute office visits.


We believe in vaccines, but . . . . .

Being one of the most important advances in healthcare, nothing has surpassed vaccines in reducing the incidence of serious and life-threatening disease to rare and unusual occurrences.  As such, vaccines are integral to wellness.  However, vaccines are not always indicated in all patients.  Our philosophy is to recommend and administer only safe vaccines, with a modern protocol that is personalized for each of our patients, in such a manner as to enhance the health of individual pets and the human families that love them.

Illness & Injury Exams

Unfortunately, illness and injury will eventually affect all living beings.  As veterinarians we take an oath to prevent and relieve suffering, however at IVCC we strive to go beyond the basics of that vow to provide in-depth medical care and treatment to each of our ailing patients, and their people.  We know that such times can be extremely frightening and stressful, for both pets and their owners.  We understand these emotions and it is during these events that our medical team excels.  Our attention to patient care is gentle, and thorough.  And our client interaction is second to none - we endeavor to educate and enlighten you on your pet's condition and how best to regain, and maintain, their utmost quality of life.


Veterinary diagnostics are the testing modalities used for the evaluation of health and the diagnosis of disease.  Beyond the veterinarian’s physical exam findings, and because our patients are unable to voice their feelings, diagnostic testing is a necessary tool to affirm overall health.

Because visual signs of illness imply an advanced stage of disease, at Interbay Veterinary Care Center we recommend baseline laboratory testing beginning at middle age.  Additionally, advanced diagnostics including cultures, cytology, x-rays, ultrasound, etc., are critical for a full understanding of many disease processes.  At IVCC we routinely incorporate these diagnostics in the evaluation of disease, but never before our clients have a full understanding of why they are indicated.

Second Opinion Exams

BooksA diagnosis of serious illness is a frightening event.  Our philosophy is that any disease diagnosis should be confirmed, and recommended treatments validated.  We believe in second opinions in all cases of serious illness.  Our doctors, and the team of specialists that support us, are passionate about medicine and work very hard to stay knowledgable of current, modern, and thorough medical therapy, and we welcome the opportunity to share our insight.


In an age when drugs are used to treat every ailment, at IVCC we take a different approach.  While the use of pharmaceuticals is often beneficial, we believe drugs should be used only when necessary, and when their benefits outweigh the risks.  Medication can be very effective in treating disease and improving quality of life, and when indicated we will prescribe only the safest medicine available, with an emphasis on FDA-approved products.  Additionally, we maintain a close working relationship with a local compounding pharmacy to provide additional options when flavored medication or enhanced dosing accuracy is warranted.

Our veterinarians will discuss the pros and cons of medical treatment and the various alternatives available for your pet.  When you elect a prescription, it will be accurately dispensed by a licensed veterinary technician, and we are happy to mail prescriptions, or administer medication to your pet, upon request.

When medicinal therapy is appropriate and necessary, you can be sure that your IVCC healthcare team will choose the safest, most effective medication options, maintain close communication with you during treatment, and provide attentive monitoring of your pet’s health condition.

Emergency Exams

Although our partnership with clients results in excellent preventative care, should an emergency occur, we are here for you.  While very stressful for all involved, our team is prepared to care for serious injury and illness at a moment's notice.  The people you know and trust when your pet is healthy are the same people who will care for them at the time of their greatest need.  You can expect us to keep you thoroughly informed, and depend on us to provide the highest level of care, and the same love and tenderness your pet is accustomed to at IVCC.